How can I submit my website?
You can easily submit your website by visiting our "Submit" page and filling out the necessary information on our submission form.

Where can I review my latest submission details?
Once your submission is complete, you will receive a confirmation email containing your primary submission details. But the entries can only be viewed on our website after the submission is approved.

How long does it take for a submission to be approved?
We get many submissions, so it could take a short while for us to evaluate them. We will notify you within 2-3 days if your website is shortlisted.

How will I know if my submission is approved?
You will be notified through email once your submission is approved. You will also be able to view approved submissions on our "Entries" page.

Can the submission be edited?
Yes, applicants can make edits in their submissions if it has any spelling errors, need to update the thumbnail, or add a new collaborator. You can email us the necessary corrections, and we will correct them on your behalf.

How to know the current status of my approved submission?
Applicants can check the status of their submissions on our website. We will also notify the applicants through email from time to time if their submissions earn recognition at our awards.

What to do in case my submission is rejected?
In case your submission is rejected, you can consider resubmitting it after making the necessary modifications. Observing the approved submissions on our website could give you a general idea of the kinds of work we appreciate. However, the featured works shouldn't be considered a yardstick either.

Can you tell me the reason why my submission was rejected?
There could be many reasons the grounds of which your submission might have been rejected. As we handle a good deal of submissions, it is not feasible for us to inform you of the exact reason for the rejection.

Can themes/templates be submitted?
Applicants can submit theme/template-based website designs. But, the acceptance of your submission depends on the proper coherence between your creativity and the theme you've used.

What stance would you take on plagiarism?
WD Awards will not, in any case, knowingly exhibit a plagiarized website. Anyway, if we are later convinced based on the evidence, we will remove it and revoke the award. Also, if the submitted work is not of the submitter or does not have the appropriate permission from the original creator, that website will be removed once it has been brought to our attention.

Do we need to pay any fee for the submission?
All our services are free, and we don't charge any fee from the participants for their submissions.

Do you accept sponsorships?
We are not accepting any sponsorships right now.